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Who is Comipegasus?

Who is Comipegasus?

Previously we are grateful, because visiting our site, we are a group of youth, gamers lovers, internet enthusiasts, heavy smartphone fans, and like anything about technology in this modern era. Because we thought we had to share our experiences, we finally created this domain comic. Our server is country indonesia, if you know, in our country very many smartphone user, and game lovers.

Actually comipegasus is just an ordinary site, which will inform you about this modern technology. We make it all in several categories. And this category we created, based on our analysis, about something that many search for gamers & internet users.

Here are the details of our categories:

This Category is Very Different With Other Category, We Will Give You information About Android, And Something update of Android.

Cheat Games
In This category comipegasus will share, their experience about the game, And Give You Some Tips & Tricks Useful For You.

Guide App
In This Category comipegasus, will teach how to use an app, both android iPhone, PC Support / Windows, Symbian, And Other.

Like The Android Category, iPhone Category is Very Different With Other Category, We Will give You information About iPhone, And Something update of iPhone.

In this category, we will provide you with latest news and information, but not related to smartphone.

Have you ever wondered about choosing a smartphone, looking for consideration from many smartphones? You are very lucky, this will give you what you need about smartphone.

Thanks again for your visit !!!!!!