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Battleground : Survival Edition- CHEATS,Hack iOS Android & iPhone (FREE Coins)

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BattleUnknown: 9 Tips for Combat, Survival and Domination

Every few months there is a new fighting game in the battle to claim the crown’s claim, gaining new insanity in computer games. Playernknown game fields (PUBG, or just Battlegrounds) are one of these games on the surface, but actually have a more complex origin history than most.

Battleground Game APK iOS Android iPHone

Game designer Brendan Green, otherwise known as PlayerUnknown, is the mastermind behind this latest version. Previously, he was responsible for the original version of WarZ from ARMA 2 from Battle Royale and eventually continued to work at Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak) to create the killer king of H1Z1. Now, I think you can say that he is tired of playing other people’s games.

PUBG is the brain’s main child, designed to be the culmination of fighting games in combat. The World Battlegrounds are not welcome and very deadly, so let’s examine the instructions you need to know in order to succeed in battle, survive and dominate your competition.


There are no textbooks, so here’s basic information

If you have never played fighting games, then the format may be a bit weird. This is not your typical multiplayer deathmatch setup.

All 100 players start with the same plane, flying over remote islands from randomly selected directions. You and your team choose a place on the map, jump out and jump with a parachute to start your conquest. You decide how the weapons, ammunition, inventory, and also the cover, needed to go beyond the others.

During this time the deadly energy field slowly surrounds you, forcing all survivors to stop at one point to face the last confrontation. This does not allow turtles in the middle of the ocean, where no one can find it. The winner is the last person (or team). It’s like Hunger Games with steroids, but without a love triangle.


Play with your friends to extend your life and increase your chances

When you are confronted with 99 bloodthirsty psychopaths that are aimed at killing you and others on a desert island, you should think twice about doing it yourself. Not just staying in the team increases your chances of winning thanks to simple math (you win in teams, which means that their photos are smaller, but also provide valuable support).

Traveling on the battlefield is a painful experience, because you never know where a person can hide. I was shot before I realized that someone can see me more than I can count on, and when you are pushed into the building under fire from all sides, you need a little extra support.

Battleground Game APK iOS Android iPHone

Your starting point is very important

Since everyone starts every game on the same plane flying in the same direction on the same map, the choice of place to start is very important. Press M to open the map and see the direction of the flight. The transition to big cities, military bases or other areas marked dangerous, as it may attract a lot of attention from other groups.

Instead, try to hit a remote area first near the beach (you do not have to look at your back if it’s just the ocean behind you) or somewhere with a high platform. The residential complex is also smart, since every floor is similar to all its prey ownership.


Understanding maps is very important.

At first, the map may be a bit confused on the battlefield. In addition to the islands and cities marked with labels, there are also three different colored circles that you need to follow. First the white circle. It’s important to watch with a small timer on the right on top of your mini map, as this indicates the next position of the bigger blue circle.

The big blue circle stands for the heavenly sky wall position of electrical death that is slowly circling everyone. If you are outside the blue circle, slowly you will experience damage until you die. At the beginning of the game it was not too painful, but as the zone grew, it became more deadly.

Finally, the red circle is an approaching bomb zone, where the plane will fly and disperse all these areas. Stay away from this.

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