( FREE ) Gps Spoofing Iphone without app
( FREE ) Gps Spoofing Iphone without app

( FREE ) Gps Spoofing Iphone without app

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Hello friends comipegasus, in this Gps Spoofing Iphone article, we will give you all possible answers, from Gps Spoofing Iphone questions. Because we think a lot of internet visitors are looking for Gps Spoofing Iphone, and there is no specific answer and easy to understand, we immediately analyze about Gps Spoofing Iphone, searching from various sources about Gps Spoofing Iphone, either Gps Spoofing Iphone book, Gps Spoofing Iphone magazine, or discussion with comipegasus members. Well, we should not be too long talk, we’ll just give that answer, read on and get answer from Gps Spoofing Iphone:

( FREE ) Gps Spoofing Iphone without app

Phase-by-Phase guide to starting enjoying the Pokemon Go hack

Now there is a Pokemon Go hack that lets you spoof your location without jailbreak. YouTuber AGXHQ has put together a video explaining how to set it up and enjoy the hack. Here’s how to do it:
Phase-1: First, delete your existing Pokemon Go app because it may cause interference with the process and prevent the app from working properly.
Phase-2: Download the Cydia Impactor from this link and install it on your computer
Phase-3: Download the Pokemon Go 1.7.1 Hacked .IPA file on your computer
Phase-4: Launch Cydia Impactor on your computer and connect your iOS device
Phase-5: After the Cydia Impactor has detected your iOS device, drag and drop the .IPA file to the Impactor tool
Phase-6: Sign in using a valid Apple ID when prompted. The Apple ID is required to create a developer certificate that is used to sign the .IPA file
Phase-7: Wait patiently until the Cydia Impactor signs the app to your device. The Impactor will sign the modified Pokemon Go and install it to your iOS device
Phase-8: After it has been installed, you have to authorize the Pokemon Go app from Settings > General > Device Management > “Trust” the developer profile
Phase-9: Now you can launch the app. You can even login using your existing Pokemon Go account.
Phase-10: You have to turn on Fake Location to start using GPS spoofing. Go to Menu > Settings > Fake Location.

( FREE ) Gps Spoofing Iphone without app

How to fake the location of your photos

To spoof an image’s location metadata, you will need an app called Mappr, which can be downloaded from the App Store for free. After you install the app on your iPhone or iPad, follow these Phases:
Phase-1: Launch the Mappr app from your Home screen.
Phase-2: Tap on either the Camera or Photos button, depending on the source of your desired photograph. Use the Photos option if you want to spoof the location of an existing photograph. Use the Camera option if you want to take a fresh picture and spoof its location. We’ll be using the Photos option for this demonstration, but the Phases are essentially the same in either case.
Phase-3: Enable access to your Camera or Photos app if prompted.
Phase-4: Tap on a photograph from your Photo Library.
Phase-5: Take note of where the pin lands on the map; this was the location where the photograph was originally created.
Phase-6: Tap on the pin and drag it to a new location on the map that you want recorded in the image’s metadata, then release your finger.
Phase-7: Tap on the Share button at the top right of the app.
Phase-8: Tap on the Save button in the pop-up menu.

( FREE ) Gps Spoofing Iphone without app

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