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Do you like hidden object games just like we do? There is June’s Journey – Hidden Object APK something beautiful and relaxing, looking through complex artwork and discovering various ways of visual perception that can tease your mind. It does not hurt when there is a story to agree with this, no matter how deep the immersion can sink. June’s Journey – Hidden Object APK can not stand out from the set of his genre, but his elegant fantasy of a British village / manor makes a pleasant adventure. Just do not let this embarrass you!

If cluttered manors and garden scenes connect your thoughts in knots, we have Junni advice, tips and strategies that will help you understand the secrets of every crime scene.

1.Hiding in the plain
The June trip can easily start you with obvious sets, but quickly speeds up the complexity, oddly enough, making things even more obvious. You will be so busy searching for complex details, you will not notice that the object you want to see right in the face. A good early example of this is when you are instructed to look at a photograph. Many of the objects that you are looking for are hidden in the photo frame in bright colors. But you will not see them, because you will be too busy studying the design of the staircase!

Objects often appear in places that seem obvious, but you easily overlook. An early gaming example is how objects will appear around the corner of the photo as a border or even on the “surface” of the photo. June’s Journey can play on such visual tricks, so if it’s hard for you to find something, try to reorient and look at the big picture, rather than dig in the corners.


2.Check out the decor
Sometimes you have to detail the details. Often, if you see a list of objects that does not seem to correspond to the current scene, it’s likely to be somewhere in the decor. It can be a door knocker or a statue or piece of furniture designed to look like a certain object (for example, a lamp resembling a sea shell). Surroundings in June The journey is full of strange tricks, some of which do not even make sense. If you see something complicated that does not appear in the list of objects in one round, pay attention to the following. Most likely, you will see it again.

3\Rinse, rinse and repeat
A note about strange objects for a later version is a useful strategy, because you will play the levels several times on your way to these additional tips and higher scores. Some hints will be repeated, so you’ll want to make sure that you remember all the hidden objects that you already found. But more items will also appear with every new ranking star that you get, even more crowding the room and filling it with more distracting factors. Your first few attempts in the room play a key role in understanding his layout, ensuring that new items (which will often be on the list of objects) will appear when they appear. Were these gloves there before? They were not there! This is probably a new hint.


4.Do not hurry
Yes, of course, there was a murder and everything, but do not rush with the investigation. Games with hidden objects are designed to relax and focus on the history and solving puzzles. You can take it at your own pace. If you are upset, take a step to shake your eyes, and come back later to get a fresh look. This is also a useful strategy for solving puzzles themselves. Your estimate is based on how long you need to finish it, promoting quick solutions, but since you can repeat the puzzle as many times as you want (until you run out of energy), it’s not very important if you take yours and use a few tips . Tips will take time to replenish, so you can not completely rely on them, if you do not mind going really, really slowly. Know also that using hints will simply give you one of the answers, so if you do not want everything to be messed up for you, do not use this little light bulb!

5.Additional tips

If you like the high score, use a darkened screen before clicking to start selecting the first three objects. This helps to turn your brightness, and you are guaranteed a strip at the very beginning. Keep it more difficult, but even easier if it’s a scene you’ve done before.

If you do not know what it is, suppose. Some objects are unclear or old enough so that you do not recognize them by name. Touch anything that looks strange or that you are not sure, and see what happens!

However, do not use too sophisticated, or the game will block you for a few seconds.

When it comes to managing the estate, it’s hard to make mistakes while you periodically check and reap your coins. You will receive award-winning boxes from the completion of the scenes, but be careful when opening them at once. Most of them contain energy, so save them when you play

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