Last Battleground Survival.Android iOS CHEATS1

Last Battleground : Survival-Mod APK Hack Android iOS (Unlimited Coins)

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Having sold more than two million copies after releasing a couple of months ago, Last Battleground:Survival showed that there is a large market for games that will allow you to kill 99 strangers without scruples. But with so many other players you can fight with, the odds are very difficult against you. One wrong move, and you quickly find yourself looking at the barrel of your competition, your hopes of victory rushed through the wall of the abandoned building, as your precious outfit quickly left you.

Last Battleground Survival.Android iOS CHEATS1

Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid becoming the next player to leave the island, and once you understand the basics of the game, using these quirks and habits can often be the key to success. If you are new to the game or just want to improve your chances when you reach this coveted dozen, try these helpful tips.


1. Avoid looking for a fight

It may seem illogical to suggest joining the battlefield with the clear intention of avoiding a battle, but listen to me. Everything that is available to you, from health, armor, supplies and weapons, is final, and the best chance that you need to survive against the masses is to make sure that you keep these resources as well as possible. Instead of falling into a fight, let your neighbors assemble them for you, allowing them to risk their lives for the sake of war, as long as you slowly drive out on the outskirts.

To do this effectively, if possible attach to the outer ring of the safe zone. You will need to have a good idea of ​​the awareness of the map and constantly be aware of the timings of the change in each zone if you want to avoid being confused by a barrier. Although this makes you vulnerable to getting into the changed zone changes, this method allows you to place potential threats in one direction. If you constantly turn your back on a dangerous zone, it is unlikely that you will ever be left out, making your position much more secure.



2. Learn how to open the door

An open door can tell you a lot about your surroundings in Last Battleground:Survival, and once you understand how to read them, the doors can often act as early warnings and pointers that allow you to track the movement of other players. To understand the value of an open doorway, you first need to understand the mentality of your competitors.

When it comes to finding equipment in various buildings on the island, most players will try to enter and leave as soon as possible. If you encounter a building and the door is open, it must be your first warning sign that the player is either still inside or that they have already looted this area and moved on. Looking at the open door should always be a good motivation for you to be on your guard.

Last Battleground Survival.Android iOS CHEATS1

When you have robbed several houses, the art of robbery should become fairly clear. Come in, grab good things and go. If you have a good idea about this, you can start using open doorways to display the movements of other players that may have come to you, tracking their entry and exit points, and sometimes even as a clue as to which direction they went next . To do this, pay attention to the angle of open doorways, as each door will open in the direction in which the player is located. From this you can distinguish which side of the house was the entry point and, more importantly, from which direction they came from. This method is not always 100% more accurate and different from the player to the player, but reading these secondary tips can often help you predict the upcoming fight and allow you to jump on unsuspecting players.

Similarly, if you want your movements to be less obvious, try to make it(Last Battleground:Survival) a habit to close every door through which you pass. If you are looking for an interior, the sight of a closed door can lull any potential marauders, believing that the house is empty, allowing you to throw them before they notice your presence


3. Understanding how sound works

When it comes to surviving against disagreements, you should always try to use every trick in the book. From psychological warfare to smart tricks actions, nothing goes beyond when it comes to lasting to the end, and one of the best tools at your disposal sounds. Understanding how to interpret and manipulate the acoustics of Last Battleground:Survival can give you an advantage during an overheated skirmish, and also save you from an unfortunate end from the hands of the enemy.

Last Battleground Survival.Android iOS CHEATS1

The most important thing you need to know about sound is that it travels much further than you think. Weapons can be heard between cities, and you can easily wire your location to any number of nearby aggressors. If you participated in a shootout and lived to survive on another day, your first action should be to leave this area as soon as possible in order to prevent anyone from searching for a source of noise. At first it may seem a little paranoid, but assuming that there is someone nearby who can hear that you are a good rule of thumb that will help you avoid surprise.

The physical sound behind each bullet fired can also tell you a lot about your current situation, especially if you are stuck in an unknown direction. As indicated in this developer’s blog, bullets are subjected to a number of realistic physical rules at startup, and there are several control signs that can help you find your potential attacker. The most important thing to listen to is the location of the shock wave of the bullet – a hacked sound that comes from a supersonic bullet passing by the player from a close distance. This sound is always displayed perpendicular to the bullet trajectory, which can help you determine the source. For example, if you hear only a crack in the left ear, then the attacker is either directly in front of you, or behind you.

In addition to shooting, traffic noise should also be considered, especially when searching in buildings. Whenever possible, you must walk, not work in the study of interiors. The sound of footsteps on wooden or concrete floors makes it incredibly easy to find and flank an unsuspecting player, so remembering to cover these sounds when possible is a good habit. Cars should also be thrown away from any potential buildings that you intend to enter, as they will wire your location for many kilometers, drawing a large target on the back for nearby players wishing to win an easy murder.

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