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Merge Town Hack Android iOS Cheats – Merge Town Hack

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Merger Town! From Gram Games is the name that makes the making of the city very simple. All you have to do is combine buildings that look the same, and you create a bigger one. Continue to infinity. Keep joining, and improve, and open stuff.

This is a simple concept, but just in case you need help, Gamezebo’s Merge Town! Tips, tricks and strategies are here to speed things up.


Merge Town APk Download in Google play General tips

Merger Town! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Touch like crazy in the box when you can. This is a way to open the box faster, though quite repetitive. Ideally, do this until you have exhausted the ground, and then take the time to combine the building and repeat the process.
Buying a home is an option when you earn more money. Every time you buy a building type, the price will go up. You want to base what you buy for the profit per second of each type of building. In the end, do not worry if you find yourself just cutting out what you buy. In the end, you can always combine it.
If you plan to close the game for a while, it is ideal if your land is filled with the highest-level home. This is a good way to earn a lot of money when you are away from the game.
Strive for achievement. This is the simple thing you need to do, and it will give you free money. Do not forget the check and claim it!



Merger of the city! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Alignment is a matter of combining a sufficient number of homes. For example, merging two first-tier houses gives you a single point of experience, while combining two-tier two houses gives you two and so on.
This means the alignment will be completely natural. Continue combining this building, and you will slowly but steadily climb.
Alignment means you get more land where you can grow your city.
The level is quite high, and you open a new city for the game. This is the same format, but with a new building type. You can always go back to your old towns, there’s always money to catch up somewhere.

Merge Town APk Download in Google play

Art of patience

Merger of the city! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Not so much with your phone and can leave it alone for a few minutes? Just let the game open for a few minutes, and note how the ticker for the free box does its job. Within minutes you will receive a free gift box.
Each gift box contains a home, saving you money and time in terms of creating it yourself.
There are 38 different cities in all sense, this is not a game that you will end last weekend. Continue to combine these houses, but do not worry if you do not feel anywhere. This is a slow but stable marathon, not a sprint.


Helpful ads

Merger of the city! Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Review all ads. Once inside the system, you will be able to see the ad to get a double coin bonus, and this is very important.
You can also watch ads to get free buildings at any time. Do this as much as possible.
Got free building through gift box? You can update it by viewing its ads. You know what to do. All this accelerates your overall progress.

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