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In this article, we will discuss about Vainglory. if you do not know yet, Vainglory is created under IAP category (in article purchase). Vainglory can be downloaded for free, installed and in play without spending any money. but Vainglory developers, will give Vainglory with multiple ads as earnings, and sell diamonds or other in-game purchase tools. So, developers do not provide tips and tricks to multiply diamonds or coins, except just by buying and playing Vainglory it continuously. If you are looking for a hack or cheat code to multiply diamonds and coins, stop looking for them, because they are not allowed by developers. if you find cheat Vainglory or Vainglory mod, it’s all illegal. (if you want to discuss mod and cheat for Vainglory, let’s discuss in youtube comment, facebook, and our site).

I think playing Vainglory using mod and cheat, makes us quickly bored, and do not want to play Vainglory again. besides, let’s think twice, if we use cheat and mod, it means we hurt the developer, meaning we can not articlereciate the work of others. therefore, let’s play Vainglory, seriously, without cheat, and without code. (if you want to discuss mod and cheat for Vainglory, let’s discuss in youtube comment, facebook, and our site). We will give you some tips and guides to win the game quickly. Listen and read on tips and guides to play Vainglory:

First you must be excited about playing Vainglory, do not be lazy and keep trying. if you think playing Vainglory is useless, you are wrong. by playing Vainglory, you can earn real money. because Vainglory is a very pupolar game now, you can record and apload to youtube. and earn money from youtube.

The mob is all about strategic redundancy, and avant-garde is no exception. When you dodge, kill all the monsters to avoid the heroes of enemies and keep your health potions. Hide in high grass and do not move in front of an agreement to help ejaculate (hidden attacks).

Make your way through the bottom of the map and earn gold for every “past hit” to complete. Stop at the middle store of the store to buy new opportunities or transport space transport back to the base where you can cure and shop faster.

When shrinking, make sure that you hit each enemy client to kill or “hit”, as it is called in the game. For every successful result you will receive gold. Avoid enemies if you are weaker than they are or attack them knowing that your hero can be abusive.

You will also upgrade your abilities by gaining experience by killing monster, other hero or hot minions. Each of these three abilities gives his character a distinctive style of play. Galayv has a shoulder ax for spinning with a punch-up so you can only win the power. Catherine has a brisk stroke of amazing enemies for a moment or two, Battal may drop a small company in the mines to cure the teammates and let your team see the remote map.

As for your hero, do not always follow the recommended path. Mixing elements and abilities can create a truly unique and powerful game style. Play with various abilities as much as you can as well and use them wisely – they have all the cool time that you want to control, so you are not out of your pocket when the heroes come in the enemy’s call.

Elements are another secret of the game control. There are various categories of elements, including defense, weapons and cooling capabilities. Each item can be placed on another, the item is better, and the final item for each class fills the store at high prices. You will need to focus on creating your own trees so that you have the best of each category in your limited slots. If you need inspiration, or want to see how others use your heroes, check out the construction guides and the extensive Vinglurevir liked this one-particular, gorgeous Catherine. Although it’s not for our guide to get into a lot of details, but the building, for example, is one of the above evidence and a really good tune-up game.

Once you have a decent level with your hero, and feel like you have some high-quality goods, you can start attacking the enemy’s heroes when the time comes. Be careful to jump on the band next to the enemy towers, because they will guide you when there are no students. On the contrary, if an enemy is chasing you through the forest, and running to the bar next to your team, the tower can be sure they stop looking for a path.

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